About the Journal

Journal of Research and Development on Public Policy (Jarvic); P-ISSN: 2962-2611 (Print) E-ISSN: 2962-262X  (Online), publish research articles in the fields of Public Administration, Public Policy, Public Sector Management, Gender Perspectives, Public Participation, Regional Finance and Governance. The content of this journal offers a valuable reference source for scientists, researchers and policy makers to address issues related to governance, public policy, gender perspectives, local finance, public participation and the public sector. Contributors present research results that are studied in depth and various case studies that have value that can be implemented by policy makers, researchers or the wider community and reliable research methods so that they can be applied to solve public problems. Published articles are assigned a Digital Object Identifier. Journal of Research and Development on Public Policy is published 4 (four) times a year in March, June, September and December